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  • The Development of a Conceptual Plan and Plant List

Most clients request a conceptual plan and plant list for their garden spaces, which may also include hardscape, such as patios, steps, paths, retaining walls, and water features, as well as irrigation and lighting.  In addition, the plan includes solutions to problem areas, such as drainage, grading or access issues.

The process includes at least two meetings with the client.  The first is to discuss the client’s vision for the new landscaped area and any perceived problems.  In addition, the designer will take on-site measurements and photographs and prepare a detailed site analysis.  At the second meeting, a drawn completed plan will be presented and potential revisions will be discussed.  

  • Coordinating the Installation

Most clients also want the designer's help in installing the new design.  She will recommend and coordinate experienced contractors to build any hardscape, prepare the soil, install the plants, and provide lighting and irrigation systems. A maintenance plan will also be prepared, and the designer will make periodic visits to the site to review how the design matures.

  • Consulting

One or two hour consultations are also available to review the current state of the garden, discuss the client's concerns, and recommend options.  The consultation fee will be credited to any subsequent commission to develop a conceptural plan.